Current Studies

Below is a list of studies that are currently available.  

Compensation ranges from $10 to $200 based on the type of project.
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We are seeking consumers’ opinions on various cosmetics products. Please take a moment to fill in this pre-screener. If you meet the initial criteria for this study we will contact you by phone to complete the screening process. If you qualify and complete this study you will be offered an incentive of $90.

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Clarocision Research & Marketing is conducting a market research study for a major global company regarding the views and opinions of related professionals to their corporate positioning. The research involves a telephone interview that will take approximately 50 minutes to complete. As a thank you, we will pay you $100 USD for your time and contribution.

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We value your feedback! Do you experience bladder leakage? Then we want to hear from you! When you participate in our product testing study, you’ll be helping a design team create a more innovative and absorbent product for others experiencing urinary incontinence.

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Clarocision Research is looking for participants for a focus group. This group will take the form of a discussion where 8-10 participants will be in a room with a moderator.

The moderator will be looking to learn from the participants, what you like or do not like when hiring a professional services firm.

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