We are a healthcare marketing agency

For over 20 years, our experienced marketing consultants deliver innovative & integrated marketing strategies to increase sales and strengthen your brand.

Digital Marketing

Internet Marketing
Online Healthcare Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Google My Business / Local SEO
Online Advertising / Pay Per Click (PPC)
e-Commerce Marketing
Social Media Marketing

We are experts in internet marketing. Clarocision Research & Marketing specializes in health industry marketing to drive more traffic to medical and holistic care websites. We also help clients from other industries and use the latest and most effective techniques in search-engine-optimization, search-engine marketing (Google Adwords), local SEO, social media marketing and e-commerce.

Branding Solutions

Branding Packages
Logo Design
Graphic Design
Web Design & Development
Print Materials (Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures)
Promotional Materials
Branding Consultants

You need to convince your prospects that you provide the perfect solution to their problem. We can help you create a brand that does just that. We provide a complimentary strategic brand consultation and help you create a strong corporate identity. We strengthen your existing brand or create a strong image for a new or existing business.

Advertising & Content Marketing

Content Strategy
Copywriting Services
Article Marketing
Videography & Video Marketing
Paid Content Promotion
Ad Creation & Placement
Ad Testing, Concept Testing, Focus Groups

Content marketing is the fastest growing method to reach potential clients. Whether you need to promote your content online–with video marketing or article marketing–or through local print publications, our expertise will help you craft eye-catching material and bring exposure to your target audiences.

Referral Marketing

Reputation Management
Event Marketing & Promotion
Network Marketing
Customer Service Optimization
Lead Generation
Conversation Optimization
Sales Consulting

Building a network of loyal and trustworthy clients is essential to sales & business growth. Our marketing experts are here to help get your brand noticed and your clients raving about your services. Have an upcoming event? Our experienced team will create more awareness for your event and drive more traffic through your doors.

Our Marketing Process

1All of our campaigns begin with a free and in-depth consultation to assess your marketing goals and expectations. Our consultations can be done via phone, Skype, or in-person at our offices in Coral Springs or Miami, Florida.

2Our experienced marketing team comes together to draft all the requirements to meet your goals. We then craft an integrated campaign that is evidence-based and easily adaptable to changing market conditions.

3At Clarocision Research & Marketing, we strongly believe that good marketing is about doing. We take pride in executing all of our clients’ marketing campaigns with speed, clarity, & precision.